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Parties & Family Night

Ryze Party£150.00 up to 10 Attendees
Up to 10 Jumpers including Birthday Child - Fri-Sun £150: Mon-Thurs £135 First hour: Flight Time 45 Minutes: Party Attendant, Paper Goods, Gift for Birthday child, wristbands for guests ** Bring your own food or order it in** £13.95 per additional flyerBook An Event
Family Night£25.00 up to 1 Attendees
Every Monday 6pm-9pm is Family Night. Available to the whole immediate* family (aged 7+ only). Tickets = £25/hr per family. *NB: Immediate family consists of parents & children. **Grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, friends etc, are not applicable.
Max 6 Attendees
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